RAT (is an Analysis Tool) User’s Guide

This manual describes how to configure and run RAT for simulation and analysis. Those who wish to modify the source code of RAT should first be familiar with this guide, then read the Programmer Guide.

RAT-PAC (RAT, Plus Additional Codes) is hosted on GitHub. For information on accessing and working with the code using Git and GitHub, see Using GitHub with RAT-PAC Code.


  • Tim Bolton
  • Dan Gastler
  • Josh Klein
  • Hugh Lippincott
  • Andy Mastbaum
  • James Nikkel
  • Gabriel Orebi Gann
  • Michael Akashi-Ronquest
  • Stan Seibert
  • Stephen Sekula
  • William Seligman
  • Chris Tunnell
  • Matthew Worcester



  • The SNO Collaboration – Much of the design of RAT is inspired by SNOMAN, the SNO Monte Carlo and ANalysis program.
  • Glenn Horton-Smith – RAT uses GLG4sim as the basis for its Monte Carlo processor.
  • The Double-CHOOZ Collaboration – We use their Gd capture simulation in the Monte Carlo

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